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We are a multinational production agency specialising in VIRTUAL and HYBRID events!

eventSPACE are here to ensure you never have to compromise on the quality of your meetings and events.
Regardless of virtual or hybrid, we will offer a rich and meaningful experience to all involved.

virtual EVENTS

Virtual meetings & events are a blank digital canvas, with endless possibilities.
They have every opportunity to be as immersive, if not more so than in-person events.
Taking place online, your attendees will be able to join from all over the globe in the comfort of their own surroundings. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but extends your reach as an organisation to more attendees than ever before.  
We offer robust analytics captured in real time and a highly experienced & creative team at your disposal. 

eventSPACE will help you shape virtualEVENTS of the future.

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hybrid EVENTS

Hybrid events take place in person and online simultaneously; incorporating the best of both worlds with digital wizardry. 
As we are greeted with a “new normal”, hybrid meetings of the future will require both online & face to face delivery that seamlessly complement each other. 
Hosting a real-world event for the attendees who prefer the in-person interaction whilst still catering to those who prefer the flexibility of a virtual experience. 
Regardless of geography, we will empower attendees all whilst retaining the greener advantages of virtual events.

eventSPACE will help you shape hybridEVENTS of the future.

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Online conference
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green screen STUDIO

Rent our green screen studio just north of Copenhagen for a filming day if you are producing content for advertising, tv or anything in between.

The studio is fully equipped with state of the art equipment tor lighting, cameras, audio and studio statt
The backdron is an infinitv curved screen ne
rtectly lit tor the best possible Isolation of content.
The studio comes with a free use conference room and lounge.
as an add-on we offer a catering solution for your crew delivering an all inclusive studio day/

The studio is also available to rent with equipment and crew.



We bring your ideas to life with our in house, full-scale video production team: video editors to ensure the presentation flow, animators to create graphics and backgrounds that will personalise and differentiate your production from the competition and 3D render artists who create a virtual version of a real-world venue.
With producers to guide the recording process, we will deliver your end-to-end solution from studio recording to live broadcast, thus ensuring the highest quality is captured.
Everything will be tailored to meet your specific needs, making sure your event excites and exceeds expectations.

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Virtual Presenter Pack
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Whether your event is online, in-person or hybrid, our online platform is designed to be the best event companion.
At your event, attendees will engage their main experience from the platform; hosting meetings, talks and event communication whilst captivating your audience with interactive polls and questionnaires.  
As an organiser, the online platform will offer a powerful analytics engine by delivering crucial information such as what and when people participate in a broadcast and empowering you to ever improve upon the attendee experience.
During hybrid events, your online platform will be easily accessed on a computer or even a smartphone; thus becoming a perfect bridge between those attending from home and those attending in-person.
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devoted SUPPORT

We know that hosting a live event is a lot of work which is why our full-service support team are ready to help.
For both virtual and in-person events, we have the experience and dedication to set you up for absolute success.
We specialise in supporting clients with particularly high demands on security and compliance, so with us, you have less to worry about.
All you need to do is reach out.

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